Shasta County needs an alternate perspective, not just another way to beg more grant money from the state and federal goverments.

We need to look at our current tactics and ask:  "Why are we doing it this way?"  We need to look at new and possible tactics and ask: "Why not try this?"

The board needs to use the existing power of the county to limit the encroachment of the federal, state and bureaucratic agencies.

We need to stop being a rubber stamp to outside dictates.

It will always be a balancing act between what is good for Shasta County and how to pay for it.

Shasta County can control and make decisions about the use of its own resources.  We do not need interference from regional governments and agencies.

Commerce is vital to Shasta County, so we need to identify and target any regulations that limit or inhibit the creation and continuation of business opportunities and local economic activity.

If the board members delegate their authority and responsibility, then they have the duty and obligation to follow through to make sure that something gets done.

There must be a change of attitude on the part of the people of Shasta County:  the people are the EMPLOYERS of the members of the board, and must expect better performance from their EMPLOYEES.

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